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All methods split into categories.


  • and — Checks all stores by truthy value.
  • condition — Trigger then or else by condition.
  • either — Selects just one value based on condition.
  • empty — Checks the store for null.
  • equals — Checks the store for some value.
  • every — Checks that state in each store passes the predicate test.
  • not — Inverts store boolean-value.
  • or — Checks at least one store for truthy value.
  • once — Runs only once.
  • reset — Reset all passed stores by clock.
  • some — Checks that state in at least one store passes the predicate test.


  • inFlight — Counts all pending effects
  • pending — Checks that has effects in pending state.
  • status — Return text representation of effect state.


  • debounce — Creates event which waits until time passes after previous trigger.
  • delay — Delays the call of the event by defined timeout.
  • interval — Creates a dynamic interval with any timeout.
  • throttle — Creates event which triggers at most once per timeout.
  • time — Allows reading current timestamp by triggering clock.


  • combineEvents — Wait for all passed events is triggered.
  • format — Combine stores to a string literal.
  • readonly — Create readonly version of store or event.
  • reshape — Destructure one store to different stores
  • snapshot — Create store value snapshot.
  • splitMap — Split event to different events and map data.
  • spread — Send fields from object to same targets.
  • previous - Get previous value of store.


  • debug — Log triggers of passed units.