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yarn add patronum
# or
npm add patronum
# or
pnpm add patronum


Just import method from the root module:

import { throttle, splitMap } from 'patronum';

Or from the personal module:

import { throttle } from 'patronum/throttle';
import { splitMap } from 'patronum/split-map';

Except patronum/debug. It is only available by personal module import.

Be careful in the module naming:

  • Method export always exports as named export in camelCase
  • Module with the operator always named in param-case

Tests and SSR support

At the moment patronum supports only Babel.

Just add patronum/babel-preset to your .babelrc or babel.config.js at the "presets" section:

"presets": ["patronum/babel-preset"]

Logger and CRA support with macros

babel-plugin-macros is bundled into CRA, so we can use it due CRA don't support adding babel plugins into .babelrc or babel.config.js.

Just import from patronum/macro and effector-logger/macro, and use as early:

import { createStore, createEffect, sample } from 'effector-logger/macro';
import { status, splitMap, combineEvents } from 'patronum/macro';
  • Warning: babel-plugin-macros do not support import * as name!
  • Note: Since release of patronum v2.0.0 it is required to use babel-plugin-macros v3.0.0 or higher.
  • Please note, that react-scripts v4.0.3 and older uses outdated version of this plugin - you can either use yarn resolutions or use react-scripts v5.0.0 or higher.